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This sequencer is purpose built for the popular Yaesu FT-817 transceiver.

It utilises the 817’s TX Inhibit feature, ensuring no RF appears on it’s output until the sequencer tells it to.

• Sequenced preamplifier, RX, and TX feeds
• 3W 50Ω IF TX pad
• On-board 5V regulator
• On-board 8V (or 9V) regulator for transverter system supply
• Selectable 8V/9V or 13V TX/RX feeds
• Optional 26V DC-DC step-up board for SMA relays
• Failsafe rig-sense: Requires connection to FT-817 for power up
• Failsafe initialization: All outputs deactivated on power-up
• Failsafe reverse T/R relay activation: Prevents RF down RX path

The microcontroller is a small 8-pin PICAXE PICAXE, and there is a programming interface (same pinout as VK3XDK PLL) if you want to change the code at all.
(Use the free PICAXE editor: http://www.picaxe.com/Software/PICAXE/PICAXE-Editor-6/ )


Project documentation: 


What’s in the box?

• Programmed PICAXE microcontroller

• PCB  (96 x 66 x 1.6mm)


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