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Thunderbolt Display firmware files now available

PICAXE .bas files have now been added to the main article. Full details on how to upgrade your VK4GHZ Thunderbolt Display, and ThunderBolt Commander can be

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VK4GHZ Thunderbolt GPSDO Display firmware fix

I have a fix for the Thunderbolt GPSDO date error! The VK4GHZ Thunderbolt Display no longer uses the Year, Month and Day data fields sent from

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Weller WTCPT soldering iron switch mod

This simple modification replaces the standard rocker switch with an illuminated type rocker switch that is a drop-in replacement. One annoying thing about the Weller WTCPT

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5/16″ SMA Spanner Mods

Doug, VK4OE, shows us some handy modifications to a 5/16″ combination spanner to make it more user friendly when dealing with SMA connectors in tight spaces.