Eltek Flatpack2 touchscreen controller

An Eltek Flatpack2 48/2000 HE rectifier is being used as the power supply for a future RF Power Amplifier project.

This is the touchscreen controller being developed to control the Flatpack2, and display the data.

A few changes have been made since that video was shot, notably a more robust power supply.

These cheap 60V to 5V LM2596HVS based step down converters commonly available on ebay aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and the LM2596HVS IC are most likely inferior ‘fakes’.

Image source: https://www.eevblog.com/forum/reviews/fake-lm2596hv-again/msg2009078/#msg2009078

So I started looking for an LM2596HVS IC from a reputable supplier, like RS Components.
… but they don’t stock it!

That raised a red flag, so I then researched suitable DC down converter chips that had a genuine high voltage input tolerance.

Enter the Maxim MAX5035, a “1A 76V High efficiency step-down DC-DC converter”, available in an SOIC8 package and with a fixed 5V output voltage variant.


From the datasheet application notes a power supply was designed, and a suitable PCB layout was created that also accommodated the connectivity for the Arduino Nano and the CAN bus adapter all on the one 10 x 5cm PCB.

Work in progress – check back later for more updates.