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Weller WTCPT soldering iron switch mod

This simple modification replaces the standard rocker switch with an illuminated type rocker switch that is a drop-in replacement. One annoying thing about the Weller WTCPT

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5/16″ SMA Spanner Mods

Doug, VK4OE, shows us some handy modifications to a 5/16″ combination spanner to make it more user friendly when dealing with SMA connectors in tight spaces.

3.3 GHz FPV Cloverleaf Antenna

I was curious about how much bigger a 3.3 GHz cloverleaf antenna would be, compared to a 5.8 GHz antenna, to see if it was a

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VTX Antenna Repair – Check under the sticker!

My favorite VTX antenna is the Aomway 4-leaf cloverleaf (sometimes referred to as a skew planar, but “cloverleaf” actually comes from it’s radiation pattern resembling a

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